In Praise of Halloween

No, we aren't advocating the "Devil's Day," but Paul and I believe that even Halloween is cause for celebration. We are under the impression that anything can be redeemed and used for a greater good. What a great way to interact with neighbors and have fun while we're at it! So, Selah and I spent the morning at a "playdate," with other toddlers and their mommies donned in costume. On the way back home, we stopped by Paul's work and Selah went trick or treating around the offices on his floor. (Quite impromptu, but tons of fun- Paul handed out a peppermint patty and a peanut butter cup to each of his coworkers prior to our arrival and Selah went around collecting them:)

Then that evening, we dressed up again for a visit to Brian and Megan's (for the record - they are not a couple, but siblings:), a night at youth group, and a late evening with our old neighbors (who are the most fascinating couple you could ever meet - Mike proposed to Rebecca at a Kiss concert, Rebecca used to be Amish, she was a surrogate mommy of twins... oh yeah, they've got stories!) Anyway, if you can't tell from the pic - Selah was a "me" (which is short for meow, or a kitty), Adden was Pooh Bear, I was a flower, and Paul was the Pats film guy. (Yeah, a slam on my team, but I'll forgive him:) Anything can be redeemed, right?

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Orrange said...

yipee!!!! a blog where i can see your kids, you!, and read your heart.... oh i am jumping up and down i'm so excited!!!!! A way to get more Kristin in my life! Awesome.


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