We have arrived and are movin' on up

First off - our apologies to the youth workers who visited our blog tonight with the intention of hearing thoughts on the convention - and were instead hit with "Mole Update." Lovely. I adore that your first exposure to us is in the form of my moleage issues. Anyway, 15 van hours later, we have arrived in Atlanta - with our two traveling tikes, a pair of gracious grandparents, frazzled nerves, and anticipation for this year's conference. Our thanks to the YS staff for putting this whole shabang on. We wouldn't be here if we didn't think it was worth our while.

Anyway, before we head to bed, we wanted to instill some jealousy at our brushes with fame this evening. In the midst of the insane R. Kelley traffic, the first celebrity spotting was Paul's mentor - Dave Barr. Dave is an amazing youth pastor who lives just about 45 min away from our own home. If you're looking for wise veteran counsel, find this guy, and buy him and his son lunch this weekend. It would be so worth it. The second guy we bumped into (actually, we were holding up his limo, but he was quite gracious), was the little cute man from the Jeffersons. He waddled right past Paul with his entourage and actually said hi. Paul and his parents were dumbfounded. Wow... the Jeffersons guy... There couldn't be a better way to kick off this conference.

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Rob said...

No Wheezie? Get to see any sites around town yet? If you've never been I recommend going through Chattanooga & seeing Rock City & Lookout Mountain on the way back.


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