The Sports Gal, Kristin Style

On Monday, Paul and I kicked off his bday a tad early and caught Pitt pull an upset over Georgetown at the Pete. It was a blast - electric atmosphere with fans tuned in to every basket. The Zoo did Pitt proud as they vied for ESPN screen time and Pitt knocked off a 5th ranked team to prove that beating Duke wasn't just a flukish happenstance.

Speaking of Duke and in an effort to provide full disclosure - I used to be a HUGE Duke fan. Oh yeah, with clippings of stats and "such" (that "such" may be more specifically referring to Christian Laettner) plastered all over my bedroom. For those of you who don't know, I married a North Carolinan Tarheel - Duke's number one rival. And we are still together - I guess, in part cause I switched allegiances. It's a rather embarrassing admission, but it's contributed to a very happy and healthy marriage:)

Anyway, Paul knows everything there is to know about basketball - every in and out there could possibly be. Though he would claim otherwise, he used to be a pretty jammin player, who could dunk and stuff. Whaaaaahhhhaaaa! After his days of playing were over (though Rob is ever so persistently working on changing this!), he coached high school guys and then girls basketball for years. (I still say those girls prepared him for me. Thank God for their hormonal crying fits!)

So Paul is like the basketball master and then there's me. My expertise is, shall we say, limited. I can identify a travel, a charge, and a handful of other fouls, but I fall short concerning most everything else. If I were recapping our game for you, I would say that the freshman 45 guy was amazing, the little Ramone character (who is, in reality, probably not so little at all, though quite a character) kept throwing up the threes to find only the net, and the really huge 7 foot something man was really tall. Really tall, even from our seats.

I guess my point is this. I thank God for Paul for a number of reasons - here's just two: his patience with my ineptitude (from bball knowledge to cooking to computer anything) and his love of sports (though thankfully he's scaled down quite a bit and no longer gives credence to curling.) At first glance, the latter is such an insignificant trait to love - but for us - it's a part of doing life together - just hanging out, having fun, screaming your head off, and getting all stressed out cause you're really not sure if they've got this one or not. I wouldn't trade these nights with Paul for anything. It seems absurd, but they mean everything to me - even if I hardly know what's going on.


Orrange said...

hey don't knock curling.... it's a great canadian past time.

Julie said...

Oh my a Puke oh I mean Duke fan. How sad is that? lol I'm a big tarheel fan here since my uncle was a professor there. I got to go to his classes when I was in high school so naturally UNC became one of my fav schools. I use to have a bumper sticker, probably still do, My two favorite teams are unc and anyone playing Duke! So much fun!

Abby said...

I'm going with a group of friends to the Georgetown vs. Syracuse game tomorrow night in DC at the Verizon Center! My friend is from NY and is a huge fan. She's happy about her Giants, now, if only Syracuse will win tomorrow night.... I was just telling my friend about how important it is that we, as girls, are looking for things that are important to us in the guys we are interested in, even down to the little things like sports, music, etc. Thanks for the running commentary on your amazing night out with Paul. I heart you!


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