Take it to the People!

Selah has been running around the house of late, excitedly gesticulating with her right arm, and demanding that Paul and I, "Take it to the people!" Either she's absorbing too much political coverage and has a sixth sense that the NH primaries are today - or she's jumping on board with her mother's most recent mad cleaning/organizing/giving and selling campaign of her own. Oh, she makes us laugh...

On a side note, if you don't see us for the next few days, it's because we may be confined once again to the house. Adden randomly spiked a 102 temp at 1:30 today and is lethargic and spacey. Please pray that he gets better. It's hard to see kids that little get sick. Thanks!


Julie said...

I am also on a cleaning frenzy myself. I've taken so much stuff to goodwill. I do have some baby food that I never got to use for Ethan if you use baby food and would like it let me know:) I'm going through all the kids clothes I've never gotten rid of oh my!

Kristin Charles said...

sure - that would be great:) i love free stuff! especially food, rather a necessity. 2 kids can get rather pricey! anyway, maybe we can finally get together soon. whoohoo!


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