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Hey there all -

My apologies for the lack of postings this week. Please check back after the weekend maybe. It's just been a hard and exhausting week around here. Not that anything horrible has happened, just lots of little stuff that has contributed to a very sleepy Mommy.

We've had a sick little Adden once again who was teetering on the verge of dehydration on Tuesday. Today, the virus seemed to have said it's final goodbye, but in its stead is a tooth trying to break through the little guy's gum. He has sat perched on my hip all week and whenever I've tried to put him down out of absolute necessity, he has screamed like you wouldn't believe. Thankfully, he has had moments of his normal Adden self break through and for that I am very thankful. He has the most adorable smile and the funniest laugh. We love him, screaming, throwing up, perched on my hip, and all.

Selah has demonstrated lots of patience this week, probably more than her Mommy. She really enjoys when Adden doesn't cry and when he naps. We do special Mommy/Selah projects whenever Adden takes an early morning snooze - we've made mouse cupcakes (to go along with her new favorite book If You Take A Mouse To School), created fine art (you should see the chicken she made - it's quite something!) and played games (today was hide and seek ducky day.) It's so good for her to have uninterupted time with both Paul and I so that she doesn't feel completely displaced with Adden. For the most part, she has been a trooper with all of the adjustments we've thrown her way. We are really proud of our little girl. (Though she would raise objections to that last sentence..."Mommy, me big girl. No little.")

Anyway, since the kids' nap schedules have not coincided in my favor, I haven't gotten anything done around here. I actually haven't even bothered making my infamous lists, since I didn't want to be disappointed when nothing was crossed off. I guess if I want to feel especially productive, I should make a list that reads, "Go to the bathroom, change diapers, play all day, clean up spit up, and comfort Adden." Now that would be a list of things I could actually accomplish.

Well, I suppose I should get some sleep. I probably should've opted to go right to bed instead of blog, but it's time that I have needed to just be quiet. I draw strength from being with God and from being by myself, even if I am just rambling about whatever comes to mind.

And speaking of whatever comes to mind, last night as we were driving back from youth group, I was sitting in the back back seat of our car that poses as a minivan. Paul was talking to Rob in the front seat. Adden was sleeping and Selah was singing in the second row. And there I was, third row back, gazing out the window in a sleep deprived daze, thinking.... though this week has been a doozy, I am happy. Tired, but deep down happy to be living in the here and now of our life - which is never dependent on circumstance anyway.

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Anonymous said...

Kristin, I understand what you are going through. I think KJ and I just had the same virus. The poor kid just wanted all of my attention, which is not always possible. I am so thankful that God is omnipresent and we don't have to share time with Him with everyone in the world, unlike our little ones. ~ Amy


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