Selah's beaming smile when I tell her I love her. The warm weather today that welcomed us outside. Our townhome, even though it's a disaster right now - life is lived here. Adden's nose wrinkle when he laughs. The quietness of naptime. Everything, everything, everything about Paul.

Hot coffees to wake me up, with extra cream and extra sugar. This breath that God has given me. Friends who call or write and love me despite myself. The invigoration you feel after you exercise. Pad Thai, beem en bop, any kind of fish, kimchi, vegetables, and those unhealthy little clamcake buggers.

The wonder of spring. The joy of children's laughter. Having food in the fridge, clothes to wear, a bed to sleep in at night, a car to drive, and a roof over our heads. Teenagers and their honest questions. A mom and a dad whom I adore. God's word - its straight up honesty, its messy interpretations, its life giving wisdom - I would wither away without my Daddy's words to me.

Simplicity. Listening to older people's stories (especially the Bopster's.) Stories of redemption. Hope. People who bring beauty to despair. People who love others to Jesus. My brother and his antics, humor, and friendship. Diners. People who are transparent and admit weaknesses. Friends who call my bluff when things aren't as they should be.

Getting letters in the mail that you can hold in your hands. Clean water. Rhode Island. People who fight for justice and rescue those for whom the world has forgotten. The beauty of marriage ( I love you Paul!) The church when it is being the church. South Korea and my family there. Childhood friends. My MOPS group. Fresh-cut flowers. A little place called Camp Squanto. The ocean. David Crowder, Sara Groves. My kids, my kids, my kids.

Being a mommy. My husband's family who teach, love, and give endlessly. My brother and sister in law and nephew who make us laugh. Knowing that there is so much to life beyond what we can see. Freedom. Classical ballet. Challenges. A child's endless discovery, curiosity, and wonderment. Learning, reading, writing. Our jobs. People who are 89 years old and still loving Jesus with abandonment.

Laughter. The wisdom that heartache teaches you. Homemade meals. The light in some one's eyes when Jesus becomes real. Sunshine. Music that stirs something within you. Peace when life seems out of control. Photography. Opportunities to see the world and the people of the world whom God's heart adores.

But most of all, Jesus. Because of Jesus, I have this breath... I am learning how to be fully alive... I have everything I could ever want... I am happy in my own skin...I can hope and dream and love.

Because of Jesus,

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