Any Ideas?

Read any good books lately worth your time? I'm on the prowl. Would love to get some suggestions. Thanks.


Blackbird said...

"The Reason for God" by Timothy Keller.

And if you've never read "The Ragamuffin Gospel" by Brennan Manning, for heaven's sake get in your car and go to the store and buy it. This instant. My copy is almost as dog-eared and underlined as a Bible.

Orrange said...

oh books. I love books. I am reading "Heaven" by Randy Alcorn and it is SOOO good. But not light. I finished "three cups of tea" recently and really liked it (more than i thought i would). I also just finished "beneath a marble sky" and really liked it. (historical fiction about the building of the taj mahal) Lastly "Gracelin O'Malley" is a cool book about ireland. It's the first in a trilogy but definitely the best. If you want a suspensful quick read go with any jodi piccoult book, although you may have to wait forever for one to become available at the library cuz she's really popular right now.

Kristin Charles said...

Thanks girls. Will check them out. I've always wanted to read Ragamuffin Gospel, Alison, just never have gotten around to it. Thanks for the reminder.

And Court, I started Heaven last year, got 2/3 through and my head was spinning! Had to take a break. Pretty in depth stuff, but good. I'll have to find my way back to that one. Safely Home (another Alcorn book) is one of my favorites. I raved about Li Quan (the protagonist) insanely to Paul, who just responded with an eye roll since it was all fictional. Ha, I was crazy about that guy. Funny.


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