Is It Any Wonder?

Our conversation at the pet store today

"Selah, someday do you want a pet of your own to take care of?"
"Yes, Mommy."
"Well, someday very far away maybe we can have one."
"Mommy, me want kitty. A pink kitty."


Julie said...

Very far away?:) We are considering getting another dog to add to our current cat and dog. We lost our dog in October although its alot of work its nice having two dogs. Mainly I want one to rough house with the kids lol Hope she'll be able to wait that long:) Do you still live in the same place btw? I want to send you something.

Kristin Charles said...

yeah - no animals anytime soon! i can hardly handle two kids:) how do you do it? so sorry to hear you lost your dog:( they can be such a part of the fam! we still live in the same place, yep. do you have our address?

Julie said...

I think I have your address:) Yeah our dog was only 10 and it was a hard loss. Daisy is in need of a companion and can't keep up with my crazy kids which is why we are "considering" another. The zoo is having something this month where a bunch of shelters bring dogs and cats so think that will be fun:) Sure you don't want to add some craziness to your life LOL


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