If I Stink, Here's Why...

In an effort to be more aware of the chemicals I am subjecting myself to, I am making switches to all natural stuff. Last week, I ran out of deodorant and saw that Tom's All Natural stuff was on sale (if you call $4 change a sale.) So I bought it in an effort to extend my life 10 years with mere deodorant.

Well, here's the deal. It is so not working! I'm not certain if I'm just more pungent than your average individual or what. I smell like peaches a minute after application and it lasts for an hour or two. I'm kind of wondering if all natural just means that it is, in fact, only a peach marketed as deodorant. Cause that would make sense as to why the fragrance only lasts so long.

Anyway, poor Paul is advocating for a switch back to the unhealthy deodorant. As I apply over and over again through the day, I keep assuring him it will get better. Not like he's complained or anything - I think my own complaints are freaking him out - so he's fearfully keeping his distance.

At least for the time being, I am staunchly sticking with Tom's. Because I am stubborn and I think it will eventually jive with my chemistry and actually work. And because I spent $4 on stinkin deodorant. What was I thinking?

My apologies to anyone reading this... for odiferous me and for this post:)


Ashley said...

A peach marketed as deodorant! lol...you are cracking me up, Kristin :)

And kudos to you for going au naturale...you've gotta start somewhere :)


Orrange said...

i think it does work, but you do have to give it time... good luck seeing if you can hold out!

Brandy Kiker said...

Kristin, you made me laugh so hard. Thanks for this honest post and for the great laugh.

EEEEMommy said...

This was hysterical! A peach?!? :)
I tried the natural stuff too, ordered it through a natural food co-op. It never worked. So I switched back to the toxic stuff. I'll have to eliminate toxins in another area; I'm just not dedicated enough to stink. ;)


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