The Quest for Simple

How do you live simply? What does simple mean for you? This is one of my hardest challenges, but something I want more than anything. I could use some help if you've got any suggestions. Thanks:)


Orrange said...

gosh, seems like most of us have no idea how to get "simple". Your post has me thinking though. Sometimes I think simple would be achieved by moving to some remote mountain area. But this past weekend, while in one of those areas, I realized life is also very hard in those areas and the families that live there probably work harder than I do. Maybe not for frivolous things like i do , but their lives are very hard just the same.
A small thing I've done is limit the number of errands I will run in a week. It's down to pretty much one, not including the library or the milk store because the kids like both of those (library is for them, milk store we bike too and they enjoy that). That way I'm not running around like crazy. It's stopped me from buying a lot of excess things too.
But simple?
my life is far from it.
Some of it is perspective though. How much I allow myself to get caught up in the busyness versus how much I choose peace.
that's a daily challenge.

Kristin Charles said...

thanks for sharing this court. you are so wise, woman! ahhh... to choose peace over busyness. i love that. a lot.


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