So Paul got this cool t-shirt for me the other day. It says hwamok (over and over) and is Korean for peace, harmony, and accord. I love it.

Having lived near the border of North Korea for three years, my heart aches for the men, women, and children starving there under the communist regime. I found myself asking God constantly, "Why me?" Why have You given me freedom, food, education, health care, and opportunities when people an hour away are deprived of all that and more?

The purchase of this shirt will help support Helping Hands Korea and their efforts to bring a measure of peace to the turbulent lives of North Korean refugees. If you're going to buy a new item of clothing, (and we are increasingly advocating used), at least it can support a worthy cause.

The company who sells this shirt, as well as a whole slew of jammin ones, is called def.i.ni.cion. Def.i.ni.cion sells t-shirts that benefit tons of organizations: Good Samaritan Medical Ministry, Second Harvest Food Bank, SAFEHS, etc. The guy who runs the company is another youth pastor. So, you gotta figure, even that is a sweet cause.

Maybe an early Christmas idea? Just thinking. Enjoy!

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Marsha Marsha Marsha said...

Thanks for letting us know about the shirts and the great cause! I was born in Jeonju and my mother's family is in Busan. The stark contrast between north and south breaks my heart.


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