Gratitude in Pain and Joy

This cat is one of my favorite authors. Here's an excerpt from a piece Winn Collier wrote for Everyday Women - even though - as he states - "he is not, in fact, an everyday woman."

Sometimes - surely - Scripture doesn't mean exactly what it says. Ephesians places one of those difficult phrases in front of us: "always giving thanks to God the Father for everything..." (5:20). Everything? Really? Am I to give thanks for the divorce that rips apart a family? A disease that shreds a body? Does God actually desire me to be grateful for the evils of slavery and genocide?

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Happy, almost belated, Thanksgiving.

Much love,

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Ashley said...

Thanks for the THANKSgiving reminder :)

I especially liked this quote:
As writer Sister Alma Rose said, "[w]hen you can be grateful for breathing, then everything else - sunlight, shelter, warmth, coffee, leftover pizza - feels like abundance."

Emphasis on the word COFFEE for you! ;)


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