Talks in their Towels

This was the exchange of words we had tonight following bathtime:

Me: Guys, guess who's going to be at church tomorrow?
Adden: Jesus.
Me: Wow, Adden. Yeah, Jesus better be there, you're right.
Selah: Why?
Me: Cause it wouldn't be church without Jesus.

Me: So who else will be at church?
Adden: G'and pap.
Me: Yep, Grandpap will be there.
Selah: So Jesus will be at church? Will I see His face?
Adden (head bowed suddenly, hands folded): Thank you Jesus. In Jesus' name, Amen.

Me: Wow, Adden did you just pray randomly?
Adden: Yesh.
Selah: So are we going to see Jesus' face or not?
Me: Sort of yes, sort of no. (Long strange explanation ensues as both kids lose interest.)

Me: So who we should see at church tomorrow is Miss Laura and Cousin Brian.
Selah: Ooooh oooh oooh! I love Miss Laura. I'm going to give her the biggest hug ever.
Adden: Boppie? BOPPIE! Yesh! (As he makes frantic attempts to jump off the ground.)

So Brian and Laura, moral is:

Jesus should be at church tomorrow.
As should two huge fans of yours.


Brandy said...

That was way too precious. I sure do love those kiddos.

Yesh...I do. :)

Anonymous said...

Ugh, I guess I should go get ready for church now instead of going back to bed. Thanks for nothing, Adden.

Emily said...

Aww, that is so precious! You and Paul are doing a great job with the kiddos! :)

Ashley said...

:D Totally loved your account of this conversation!

Andrea said...

that might be the cutest thing ever. Hope you are well my old friend. I just saw this movie last week on North Korea which was amazing, it was put on by an organization called LINK- Liberty in North Korea: http://www.linkglobal.org/ ... You might be interested in it if you are not already aware. Have an awesome week! -Andrea

Rob Miller said...

I was totally worried that Jesus might have skipped, glad to know he'll be there. Sounds like he'll be back soon, too, from your description! :)

Kristin Charles said...

Andrea- Ahhh! Is that really you? So good to hear from you!

Thanks for the link. I had no idea. VERY interested in this. Just last week I was dreaming that I was in the North (again.) I don't travel to normal places in my dreams, only restricted access communist countries:) Someday....

Paul found some amazing pics of these two traveling cats who somehow got amazing acccess around the country. The link is http://vienna-pyongyang.blogspot.com/2008/09/tumangan-north-korean-border-station.html

Love you girl. Miss you tons.

Leah said...

that is so cute!


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