I Would Still Love You

Mommy, would you still love me if I pulled my shorts up too high in Party City?
Mommy, would you still love me if I pushed Mr. Adden?
Mommy, would you still love me if I needed paci for one more night?

"What if I turned into a polar bear,
and I was the meanest bear you ever saw
and I had sharp, shiny teeth
and I chased you into your tent
and you cried? [said the baby bear]

Then I would be very surprised
and very scared.
But still, inside the bear
you would be you,
and I would love you." - Barbara Joose, Mama Do You Love Me?

Selah, would I still love you?
Because you would still be you.
And your mama is crazy bout her Selah.


Laura said...

Hey Kristin! I think reading this blog last night before I went to bed caused me to dream about Selah and Adden. I don't remember the specifics, but Selah and I were hanging out talking about earrings I think. :) Enjoy your day!!

Rob Miller said...

Are those all questions she's actually asked? I always preferred the "just push younger brother & find out if they still love you" method rather than ask. LOL


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