Random Technicalities that I Know Nothing About

This is Paul's post for any of you who can understand. I have zero idea about what he is talking about. If you can comprehend this, you are the smartest person ever.

1. Comments on the new blog will be handled differently. We have it set up to require approval for the first time you comment (it will show up once we approve it). After that you should be good. Let us know if you have trouble commenting.

2. One cool new feature will be threaded comments. This will enable you to reply to someone else's comment. (It will appear directly below it.)

3. Do you randomly type in a blog address whenever you think about it or bookmark several blogs? It's much easier to subscribe. (That way you're not checking stuff at random. When someone posts something new, you'll know about it. If they don't post for a month, you haven't wasted time checking.) Here are some options:

a. Subscribe by email (click here) and have post updates go to your inbox.

b. You can also use an RSS reader like bloglines or google reader (our preference). All of your favorite blogs can be consolidated in one place. Once you get setup, add this feed: http://feeds.feedburner.com/chasefireflies

4. If you subscribe to this blog (the expressions one), in order to view the new blog (chase fireflies) in a reader, you will need to re-subscribe using this RSS feed: http://feeds.feedburner.com/chasefireflies

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