Money and Time and Words and Life

In honor of a little Ugandan boy named Dickens, David Kuo writes, "I just know that I am required to do something. That means money and time and words and life. And it means remembering a little boy and finding the strength to believe that I will see him again one day and when I do I will not recognize him because he will not be poor and he will not be sick and he will have no tears and no disease. "

The rest of this article is a heart breaker, but is a necessary read. I especially appreciated his packed suitcase as his visual reminder of the pain and suffering that is taking place around the world. I think we all need some sort of similar object in our homes, not to depress us, but to encourage us to provide hope to those who need it - hope in the form of money and time and words and life. Hope in the form of something more than inactivity and apathy.

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