A Pink Sprinkles Kind of Day

Today I got to take the kids to their first Gymboree class. I have been waiting for this for 2 1/2 months now. Selah's expression when she first walked in made all of the training/memorization/hours away from them worth it. Her jaw actually dropped and she started awkwardly jumping around, saying, "Me play here, mommy? Me play here?" Squeal....... She was beside herself. Adden, well he mostly doublefisted these two orange playballs and crawled around with them wherever he went. He had that crazy fun Adden look in his eye.

After class, we dined on a Dunkin D's egg and cheese croissant, a steaming coffee (all mine), and half of a pink donut with sprinkles.

Then onto the car wash - another Selah highlight - primarily because of the pink soap they use. When it spattered all over our car, she giggled, "Today is a pink day mommy. Pink donut, pink car wash!"

And last, but not least, we spent the rest of the day outside. It was 70 degrees! I have so missed fresh air! We chased bubbles, played with chalk, slid on the slides, zoomed around in car rides, went swinging, and Adden ate grass.

Today was my delight.

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