The Rivalry Has Officially Begun

A short stout woman walked into the swanky Dunkin D's yesterday and sat herself down right next to the kids and I. There were plenty of open seats in the restaurant, so I was a bit confused with her selection. Though I didn't mind her close proximity, I did have issues with her attire. She was decked out in head to toe New York Yankee apparel. I had to say something.

"Ma'am?" I politely inquired to get her attention. "Just so you know, my husband and I are raising our children to dislike the Yankees. So if they make any snide comments concerning your team, I offer you my sincerest apologies. We happen to be Red Sox fans."

To which she replied, "That's okay. I'm eating a Boston Creme donut. You of all people should get the significance. So take that." Her tone of voice communicated that she really didn't think I was very funny at all, and in fact, was quite miffed and unnerved.

She went on to tell me the history of this particular donut, its varied fillings, and how its name really isn't the Boston Creme. She then repeated her initial slam about her eating us New Englanders in the form of this donut... because all of us east coasters are really Boston Cremes? And the Yankees are the superior team because she can eat donuts?



Brian said...

Well...it's not her fault she misunderstood you. I mean, if she were intelligent, she'd be a Sox fan.

Kristin Charles said...

ha ha. you're absolutely right!

Anonymous said...

If this was really a microcosm of the Yankees/Red Sox rivalry then the two of you would have bought 90% of the doughnuts and coffee in the place and the other customers would have wondered why they can't seem to satisfy their hunger or thirst.

Ashley said...

LOL. You can't expect a Yankees fan to get a joke, eh?

Nate and Emily said...

hey kristin,

when we come up this summer, you want to go to pizza hut and get a big new yorker? :)



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