Two Quotes

One for pondering...

"Our lives are experienced as meaningful to the extent that they are undergirded by a narrative worthy of our dreams."

-Wendy Wright

One for laughing..

"Mommy, your belly big when you have gerbils in it?"


Wow. Who knew?


Blackbird said...


Kristin Charles said...

Blackbird, reveal your identity! My hunches are Alison? Could it be? I was praying for you yesterday as I was cleaning the diaper genie you gave us. Ha, ha. Sorry if that's a gross association. Hope you are whom I believe:) Love ya!

Blackbird said...

Sorry, I always forget that my blogger id hides my "true identity"! Yes, it's me, your fuzzy-headed loud-mouthed suitemate from college. I'm extremely flattered that you thought of me while you were cleaning out your poop container.

Kristin Charles said...

Let's rephrase that description of you - brilliant, beautiful, forthright, and unwavering. Add curls to that. Much better. Yeah, sorry about the gross association though:) Let's plan a day with the kiddos soon! Selah would adore playing with Abby.


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