What Mothers Tell Us About God

This is a snippet from a great little article, by Jonalyn Grace Fincher.

"God continues to choose women to birth new life into this world and that itself feels like a gamble. (Are you sure you want more people on this earth, God? I mean, things don’t seem to be getting better.) But I believe God knows that there’s something to women, something in our strength and our image-bearing capacities that we don’t always see."

My own mom has taught me tons about God. But most of all, she taught me about the God of relationship. As long as I can remember she was whipping up mac n cheese for someone battling terminal illness, engaging the Dunkin D's employees and the local mechanic in conversation, checking in with former students, whooping it up with her Macy's co-workers (I won't mention my mom's age, but she sure does act like a 20 something with those women clad in black!), baking banana bread for all of the neighbors on our street, making a scrapbook for a co-worker to help retrieve memory lost from a stroke, helping out the mom next door with her beautiful autistic son, writing words of encouragement to shut-ins, and spending time at the ocean with friends. I could go on and on.

This is the woman that I grew up watching, admiring, and adoring over the years. Yeah, we butt heads more than I would like to remember, but most of the time she was actually right. Yeah, she isn't perfect. But last I remembered, I've got more than a few issues of my own that need addressing. Our poor kids! All in all, I thank God over and over and over again for my mom's influence on my life. She taught me - and continues to teach me - that Jesus matters and that He insanely loves people - whether they are God followers or not. I hope to love people a little bit more insanely - like God does, like my mom does. And I hope and pray that the little eyes watching me everyday will want that insane kind of love as their own.

Thanks, Mom.

How about you? What has your mom taught you?

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