Thanks For Stopping By

It's kind of weird recording

random thoughts, ridiculous stories, family moments, issues that weigh heavy on my heart, God thoughts, what I'm learning, joys that make me smile, recipes, challenges, victories and defeats, whatever

on this little blog of mine, not knowing who may stumble across it...

a friend from my moms' group, Paul's grandma, my brother, high school friends, sorority sisters, youth group students, suite mates, coworkers, a neighbor, the Camp Squanto coalition, friends from Korea, random people who may have been looking for something else...

I'm certainly not saying there are hoards of people checking this thing and that's okay. This blog is cathartic for me, a record for our kiddos, and a way to share with our sphere of influence. But however you got here and whomever you are, thank you for stopping by, even if it's just this once...

Thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings.

Thanks for caring - even if it's just a little -about our family's wins and losses, joys and struggles, and everyday happenstance.

Thanks for encouraging me with get togethers, emails, conversations, phonecalls, dinners, facebook wallposts, cards or packages in the mail, comments on the blog...

Thanks for being honest and transparent enough to share your own fears, doubts, and disappointments. Thanks for making me laugh so hard that I get tears in my eyes.

Thanks for calling me out on stuff that needs to change in my own life.

Thanks for living life to the full and encouraging me to scale heights I would've never attempted otherwise.

Thanks for thinking that I've changed from the way I was in college or high school. Thanks for loving me despite crazy inadequacies and mistakes I've made along the way - and all those I will keep making.

Thanks for wondering what my deal is.

Thanks for even putting up with waxings and a deodorant plight.

Today, you just have to know that I thank God for each of you and your influence.

Because of Jesus,


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