Fear of Failure

I came across this question the other day and it struck me hard.

What would you be doing if you knew you couldn't fail?

I've always wanted to write - silly and whimsical children's books, informative articles, and adult non-fiction.

The adult stuff would be in relation to the hope we have as Christ followers. That kind of crazy, fearless, bursting with joy at the seams hope - that motivates us to attempt impossible things. Impossible, daunting challenges like restoring broken lives and offering freedom from our very selves, injustices, prejudices, and the like.

I would love tell story after story of redemption and healing. To anyone who will listen:)

So far I've sent away two manuscripts and have received two rejections. I am two for two! Whoohooo! Though I am desperately afraid that I will fail about 1274 more times, this is my passion. This is what God has written all over the pages of my heart.

What would you be doing if you knew you couldn't fail?


Julie said...

Sorry you got two rejections! I would love love to write a children's book too. Maybe one day we will reach that goal. Hope you had a good weekend and thanks for the info about the hair place...I think we'll be trying it.

Orrange said...

oooo, you've sent out MANUSCRIPTS!!!!????!!!! THAT'S FANTASTIC!!! i'm so proud of you! stick with it!

stephanie said...

what would i be doing...i just don't know. but i love the thought. thank you for making me dig depper...for challenging me to live without fear, for what do we possibly have to fear when living in christ? blessings to you.


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