Black Tongue

So I’m medicating my mouth at work when I notice that my tongue is black. Like really all black.

And I freak.

Is it going to make it? Is it going to fall out?

I sprint to the office and google black tongue. Second result: “black hairy tongue.”

No. Black is bad. Hairy is unmentionable. You have got to be kidding me.
My tongue is going to sprout hair?

I eat like a rabbit. I actually floss. I try to work out. I am weird about germs. How does such an individual grow a hairy black tongue?

So I read lots of unreliable sources.
And I determine that my tongue will pull through this time.

My homemade remedy for the ulcers (as advised by the Doc) is the culprit.
Maalox + Children’s Benadryl = Black tongue (It's the anti-acid's fault.)

I even did a scientific test. No remedy, cute rosy tongue color. A day of remedy, black tongue. By the way, there was no actual hair sproutage - just an appearance as such. I know - it's unmentionably repulsive, but I can't stop laughing about it. It cracks me up.

So there you have it. Now you'll know.

Do freakish things happen to anyone else? Please tell me they do.


Anonymous said...

haha. its kinda happened for me. mom and i thought that this vitamin thing would help me not be so tired. so i took it. guess what?!?! my urine (professional term i'm learning haha) was super bright yellow. (ever seen the penndot yellow? well think of that and put it in liquid color) it took me forever to figure out that it was the vitamin.

Ashley said...

LOL...I guess my reaction is that I hope you took a picture of it because you will look back someday and laugh :)

Brandy said...

Ummmmm....sorry Kristen. You are all alone on this one babe. :)
Try asking about the medication I told you in that last post, or two posts ago.

Praying for your tongue? I think that is a first for me. :)

Kristin said...

Amy- that is too funny and disgusting:) but I have no room for complaining!

Ashley- gross! don't want a record of it!

Brandy- thanks for the mention of that med. I will look into it.

You guys never have odd stuff happen to you? I beg to differ... Didn't something odd happen to Greg recently? Can't remember what, but I did recall thinking - how does that happen to an individual?

Brandy said...

Okay, your right. We have odd stuff happen all the time. Often, too odd to believe. Greg recently had surgery on his finger after it became infected with a raging staff infection that wouldn't clear up with antibiotics. How did he get the infection you ask? Well, he caught a toothpick that was falling and it stabbed him in his finger.
26 stitches and a nasty scar later, we now have a new "odd" story to tell.

Love ya

Kristin said...

oh yes! a toothpick! i knew it was something amazingly odd!

when i read that post, i wanted to laugh, but felt awful laughing at the pain that it must've caused greg!

who would've known a toothpick could be an instrument of torture! geez...

have things settled down of late?


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