Worth Every Penny

Our beloved Red Sox played less than 2 hours away from us last night in the ALCS. And we indulged in a splurge. Though we've been cutting back on stuff, selling what we can, and attempting to live more simply, we decided to soak up a once in a lifetime opportunity. Paul found comparably cheap tickets on Craig's List (so cheap that we were delirious when they worked to get us into the stadium!), we dropped the kids off at their grandparents, and we headed to Cleveland in long sleeve t's (the weather was gorgeous!) Sitting six rows down from the top of the Jake, we donned our Boston hats with quiet pride, ate great ballpark food, attempted to befriend our Indian neighbors (to minimize the inevitable jeering), and squinted to see every pitch. And though we missed out on "a Manny stand and watch the ball fly out of the park moment," a big Papi bear grin, and the exhilerating feel of a win on the road, it was worth it. To have a night out with Paul - just the two of us (and a hungry tribe of crazed fans) - standing on every pitch of playoff baseball - was incredible. Thanks for a great night out, honey. I loved it!

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